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Out of the Loop is a fun and easy to learn new party game for 3-9 players. Play at a party, waiting in line or on your next road trip!Answer silly questions about the secret word to figure out who in the group doesn’t have a clue about what everyone else is talking about.------ WHAT IS IT?Out of the Loop is a mobile party game by the creators of Triple Agent! All you need to play is a single Android device and a few friends. Each round takes around 5-10 minutes to play and at the end of the night whoever has the most points wins!----- FEATURES- No setup! Just pick up and play.- Easy to learn! Learn the game as you go, the perfect filler game.- Short rounds! Play a quick game or several rounds.- Hundreds of secret words and questions.- Diverse categories for varied play.----- GAMEPLAYAfter choosing a category for the round, each player either gets to know a secret word in the category or that they are Out of the Loop. Each player then proceeds to answer a single question about the word before voting for who they think is Out of the Loop. Did someone have a suspicious answer? Did they not laugh at the thought of doughnut filled doughnuts? Vote for them!On the flip side, the Out person has to figure out the secret word. If they do, all is for nought, so make sure you’re not too obvious!Hilarious questions combined with deep suspense make Out of the Loop one of the best party games you’ll play this year!
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